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You will find below a list by subject of various forms required for specific official and judicial processes. To correctly complete the forms, it is recommended that you carefully read the explanatory notes generally found on the first page of each form.

A form that is not included in the list may be obtained from the courthouse or service point of the Ministère de la Justice nearest you.

Note: For the forms reserved for use by professionals, see the section “Information for professionals

Appearance in court
Appearance (Civil) (SJ-554A)
Automobile and driver’s licence
Motion for Release from Seizure (SJ-797A)
Motion for a Restricted Licence (Application for a limited-use driver's licence) (SJ-604A)
Motion to lift suspension of a driver's licence or the right to obtain one (SJ-1043A)
Complaint (regarding the Department’s services)
Comment and Complaint
Financial and Voluntary Deposit Service
List of Creditors (Voluntary Deposit) (SJ-226A)
Voluntary Deposit (Filing a claim with the Distribution Centre) (SJ-224A)
Seizure by garnishment (Filing a claim with the Distribution Centre) (SJ-255A)
Request for withdrawal of Court Deposit (DRET) (SJ-366A)
Request for reimbursement of legal fees or court fees (in French - SJ-1010)
Renunciation of the benefit of voluntary deposit (SJ-1091A)
Application for Revocation of Judgment and Stay of Execution (Application for cancellation of a default judgment of conviction and for suspension of execution of the judgment (SJ-721A)
Application to withdraw exhibits or for the issue of a certificate (SJ-1078A)
Application for the reproduction of judicial hearings (SJ-021A)
Application for a transcript (section 30 - Rules of the Court of Appeal of Québec in Criminal Matters) (SJ-980A)
Notice of change of address
Notice of change of address (SJ-843A)
Placement on the Roll
Application for placement on the Roll (SJ-799A)
Prix de la justice du Québec
Nomination for the Prix de la justice du Québec
Small claims
N.B.: The forms concerning seizure after judgment in the Small Claims Division may be found in the Seizures section above. Certain specific forms used for small claims are available only in courthouses.
Mandatory small claims mediation
Application for review of the decision regarding the obligation to participate in mandatory mediation or application to be exempted from participating in mandatory mediation (SJ-1107A)
Before judgment
Application (Action filed with the Small Claims Division) (SJ-870EA)
List of exhibits (SJ-840A)
List of witnesses to be summoned by the clerk (SJ-839A)
Mandate (SJ-838A)
Options available to defendant (SJ-871A)
Statement in lieu of testimony (SJ-837A)
Amicable Settlement Proposal (SJ-1002A)
Summary Appeal Respecting a Fiscal Matter Clicking on this icon will take you to another website. (LM-93.13-V)
After judgment
Application for revocation of judgment (SJ-866A)
Contestation of the garnishee's declaration (SJ-857-06A)
Inscription for judgment on seizure by garnishment (SJ-857-13A)
Notice to a failing debtor (SJ-858A)
Opposition to seizure in execution (SJ-857-01A)
Opposition to seizure by garnishment (SJ-857-18A)
Before or after judgment
Acquittance, settlement, discontinuance or release (SJ-842A)
Transfer of district
Application for transfer of district under the Code of penal procedure (SJ-785A)

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