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Ministère de la Justice: Mission, Vision, Values and Mandates


The mission of the Ministère de la Justice is to ensure adherence to the rule of law in Québec society and to preserve a credible and dependable system of justice in Québec in which individual and collective rights are respected and maintained.


A government department at the heart of a responsive justice system that is close to citizens1, accessible, efficient and mindful of the public interest.


Respect, trust, equity and integrity.

Mandates of the Ministère de la Justice

The Ministère de la Justice plays a unique and essential role in Québec society. It exercises all governmental responsibility for the justice system, one of the foundations of our civil and democratic society. Justice is one of the pillars of the rule of law and an essential component in a balanced society, since it protects fundamental freedoms and prevents any infringement of rights. For this reason, it is not just a service provided for individuals involved in a dispute, but affects society as a whole.

More specifically, the Ministère supports the role of the Minister of Justice, who acts as the government’s legal adviser and as the attorney general, notary general and registrar of Québec. It also assists the Minister in the administration of justice and other responsibilities. The duties of the Ministère include:
  • advising the government and its departments concerning the legality of their actions and the drafting of statutes and regulations;
  • supporting the role of the Minister of Justice as Attorney General in civil matters by appearing before the courts;
  • drafting justice-related guidelines and policies, and recommending them to the relevant authorities;
  • ensuring support for judicial activities, which involves administering the courts of justice in Québec’s judicial system, along with other specialized tribunals;
  • establishing and maintaining the land rights of the government and its departments;
  • recording and keeping state documents, proclamations, commissions under the Great Seal, of which it is the keeper, and other documents which the government requires to be registered;
  • keeping the register of personal and movable real rights, the lobbyists registry, the register of commissioners for oaths, the register of letters patent for land, the sales register and administering the government public key infrastructure;
  • administering reports and statements of offence giving rise to prosecutions, mainly conducted by the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions in accordance with the Code of Civil Procedure, and executing judgments made by the courts in criminal and penal matters when they include a fine or surcharge;
  • advising the authorities on criminal and penal matters and on the law governing young people and victims, in particular in connection with the guidelines and measures for the general conduct of criminal and penal affairs by the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions;
  • advising the authorities on federal, provincial and territorial relations, especially concerning proposed changes to criminal law;
  • advising the authorities on strategies for adapting and improving the justice system for specific groups such as Natives, young people, women, families, victims and the intellectually impaired;
  • managing international agreements and accords relating to judicial cooperation, the reciprocal enforcement of support, and international child abductions;
  • promoting the rights set out in the Act respecting assistance for victims of crime, designing assistance programs for victims, and coordinating and leading the actions of all individuals and government departments and agencies offering services for victims. The Ministère also promotes the creation and ongoing work of assistance centres for the victims of crime.

The Ministère also ensures harmonious relations with judges, partners in the justice system and government bodies under the authority of the Minister.

Latest update: February 11, 2016

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