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Registre des commissaires à l'assermentation
Registre des droits personnels et réels mobiliers
• Registre des lobbyistes
• Register of letters patent for land
• Sales register

Collection of fines
Bureau des infractions et amendes

Access to Justice Fund
Access to Justice Fund
Centres de justice de proximité
Financial assistance program to promote access to justice

Grant Programs
Call for projects - Financial assistance application form (BAVAC)
Fight against Homophobia financial assistance program

Mediation and information sessions
Family mediation
Small claims mediation
Mediation in civil and commercial matters
Parenting after Separation Information Session

Complaints (about the ministère de la Justice's services)
Bureau des plaintes

Alternative Measures Program for adults in Aboriginal communities
General information

Toll-free helpline
Toll-free helpline for victims of sexual assault

Documents issued under the Great Seal
Letters patent for land
Other documents issued under the Great Seal (Letters patent [other than letters patent for land], proclamations and commissions [other than commissions for commissioners for oaths])

Cooperation with countries abroad
Rogatory letters and international judicial conventions
Recovery of support payments from abroad
International child abduction
• Service abroad of judicial and extrajudicial documents

Québec court-supervised drug treatment
Québec court-supervised drug treatment program

Voluntary reimbursement program
General information

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