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Joint Application for Divorce on Draft Agreement

Models of the forms of proceedings

These are models to assist individuals who wish to prepare and file a joint application for divorce on draft agreement on their own.

The numbers that appear in each model refer to explanatory notes.

A brochure containing the forms to be completed (paper and on-line) is available at the Publications du Québec. To purchase, click here Icône indiquant que l'utilisateur sera conduit à un autre site..

The forms are not to be filled out but are to be reproduced, except for the Sworn Statement under article 444 of the Code of Civil Procedure which is shown in this booklet as a facsimile (Model 6).

Version: March 2004
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Model 1 - Application for Divorce

Model 2 - Draft Agreement

Model 3 - Detailed Affidavit

Model 4 - Backing

Model 5 - Attestation of the Registration of Births

Model 6 -Statement Required under Article 444 of the Code of Civil Procedure

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Joint Application for Divorce on Draft Agreement
Explanatory Notes

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Latest update: January 13, 2016

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