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Municipal Courts of Québec

Associate Chief Judge of the Court of Quebec,
in charge of municipal courts
André Perreault

There are 88 municipal courts located across Québec, established by the Act respecting municipal courts. Each court is presided over by a municipal judge.

Municipal courts have limited jurisdiction in civil matters, exercised mostly in connection with municipal tax claims. In penal matters, they hear cases involving offences under municipal by-laws and Québec statutes such as the Highway Safety Code.

Municipal courts are also authorized to hear and decide cases concerning offences under Part XXVII of the Criminal Code, which are criminal offences punishable on summary conviction.

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Municipal Courts of Québec - 2015 Annual Report (in French)
An Act respecting municipal courts
Rules of the municipal courts
Regulation respecting theTariff of Courts Costs in Civil Matters and Court Office Fees applicable before Municipal Courts
Tariff of court costs in civil matters and court office fees applicable before municipal courts other than the municipal courts of the cities of Laval, Montréal and Québec

Latest update: August 26, 2016

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