Gouvernement du Québec - Justice

Court of Québec

Chief Justice
Elizabeth Corte

Senior Associate Chief Justice
Mario Tremblay

Associate Chief Justices
André Perreault (Person in charge for Municipal Courts)
Claude C. Boulanger (Youth Division)
Pierre E. Audet (Civil Division)
Danielle Côté (Criminal and Penal Division)

The Court of Québec is a court of first instance with jurisdiction in civil, criminal and penal matters as well as in matters relating to young persons. It also hears administrative matters and appeals, where provided for by law.

The Court of Québec has exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine applications in which the value of the subject matter of the dispute is less than $85,000, applications in adoption matters, and applications concerning a person's confinement in a health or social services institution for or after a psychiatric assessment without the person's consent.

The Court of Québec is made up of 290 judges.

It is under the direction of a chief judge, assisted by a senior associate chief judge and four associate chief judges. Ten coordinating judges and twelve associate coordinating judges assist the chief judge and the senior associate chief judge in their duties.

The Court of Québec has three divisions: the Civil Division (which includes the Small Claims Division, the Criminal and Penal Division, and the Youth Division.

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