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Québec Superior Court

Chief Justice
Jacques R. Fournier

Senior Associate Chief Justice
Robert Pidgeon

Associate Chief Justice
Eva Petras

The Superior Court has jurisdiction throughout Québec and sits in all the judicial districts. It is made up of 144 judges, including a chief judge, a senior associate chief judge and an associate chief judge, all appointed by the federal government.

In civil matters, the Superior Court generally hears cases in first instance where the amount at issue is at least $70,000. It has exclusive jurisdiction in family matters such as divorce, support, and child custody. Proceedings are heard in private with the parties’ names remaining confidential. It also hears applications regarding class actions and probate (homologation) of wills. The Superior Court may issue injunctions to stop certain activities (for example, it can stop construction work on property that does not belong to the person performing the work).

Decisions by courts or bodies in Québec, except Court of Appeal decisions, are subject to the superintending and reforming power of the Superior Court, with some exceptions.

In criminal matters, the Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction in first instance to try criminal cases, heard before judge and jury, involving murder and treason. The Superior Court also has jurisdiction in cases for which the accused elects trial by jury. Lastly, the Superior Court has jurisdiction in matters of extraordinary recourse (for example, when a person is unlawfully detained in prison or when the legality of a search warrant is challenged).

As is the case for the Court of Appeal, the Superior Court is competent to hear appeals of decisions under the Criminal Code made by a judge of the Youth Division, the Criminal and Penal Division or a municipal court, or by a justice of the peace. These appeals may concern summary offences such as theft, driving while impaired, cruelty to animals, prostitution, etc. The Superior Court also hears appeals of decisions made under other federal and provincial statutes.

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