M. Gilles Fournier

Gilles Fournier has received the Prix de la justice award for his work to combat violence and abuse directed against the elderly. A retired engineer, he is unable to tolerate injustice, especially when the victims are seniors. In 2002, he founded DIRA-LAVAL, a non-profit organization to inform, assist and support elderly people who have been subjected to abuse and violence.

His other achievements include the establishment, in 2000, of a joint action group for elderly people in the Laval region, known as the Table régionale de concertation des aînés de Laval, which now brings together 34 associations of retired people. In 1998, he created a joint front on taxation, the Front commun sur la fiscalité; under his chairmanship, several actions have been undertaken and most of the group's objectives have been met.

Gilles Fournier is the author of several publications, and has also written his memoirs. From 1987 to 1998 he wrote about taxation for the elderly, the reform of Canada's Old Age Security Pension, reductions in personal income tax, the Act to amend the Supplemental Pension Plans Act, funding for human rights organizations, and changes to the Québec pension plan to match new realities. In recent years he has been a guest speaker and has been involved in various activities for the elderly.

The outstanding contribution made by Gilles Fournier has helped promote the fundamental values of justice in Québec.

The Minister of Justice, Kathleen Weil, presenting the 2008 Prix de la justice medal to M. Gilles Fournier. 

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