M. Laurent McCutcheon


Laurent McCutcheon received the 2010 Prix de la justice award for his outstanding work in gaining social and legal recognition for homosexuals, same-sex couples and the members of sexual minorities.

Through his ongoing commitment and leadership as a volunteer, he has played a leading role in the assistance provided for people in his community and in the fight against homophobia.

For almost thirty years, he was responsible for the Gai Écoute assistance hotline. In 2000, he created Fondation Émergence, whose mission is to help homosexuals achieve their full potential and to promote social inclusion. In 2003, he established the first Québec day against homophobia which, with support from partners, became the International Day Against Homophobia held on May 17 each year.

In 2009, the Québec government innovated by adopting the first Québec policy against homophobia, partly as a result of the many years spent by Mr. McCutcheon promoting a cause of deep personal meaning to him.

His professional career as a senior civil servant in Québec included a long period in the field of justice, acting as a vice-president and administrative judge at the Commission d'appel en matière de lésions professionnelles and the chair of the Conseil de la justice administrative.

Without a doubt, Laurent McCutcheon is a key player in the worldwide fight against homophobia. He has helped make Québec a leader in terms of the accessibility, quality and universality of the rights granted to the members of sexual minorities.

The Minister of Justice, Jean-Marc Fournier, presenting the 2010 Prix de la justice medal to M. Laurent McCutcheon.

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