Liliane Lamy Girouard

Liliane Lamy Girouard

«Identification with the Maison de la Famille is so strong that some of the younger children believe that Mum or Dad really lives there.»

Liliane Lamy Girouard received the Prix de la justice for founding the family access rights house, Maison de la famille DVS (DVS for ''droit de visite et de sortie''), in Québec.

While working as a volunteer for a family orientation and consultation service, Ms. Lamy Girouard noted the problems certain divorced or separated parents encountered all too often in ensuring that their right to have access to their children was respected.

In 1998, she decided to establish a place where children and parents could maintain healthy and safe emotional relationships. Fifteen years after its founding, the Maison de la famille DVS enjoys national and international renown. There are, in fact, more than 30 similar services throughout Québec and even in Europe, specifically in Belgium, France and Germany.

The Minister of Justice, Marc Bellemare, presenting the 2003 Prix de la justice medal to Liliane Lamy Girouard.

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