The Honorable Michel Proulx, c.r.


The Honourable Michel Proulx, Q.C., has devoted forty years of his life to developing the criminal and penal justice system.

Called to the Québec Bar in 1963, the Honourable Michel Proulx quickly acquired the reputation of being one of the finest criminal lawyers in Canada. In 1975, The Canadian Magazine ranked him among the top ten in the country

In 1989, the Honourable Michel Proulx was appointed to the Court of Appeal of Québec, where he served for fifteen years. His achievements include a criminal and penal case management service that improved the court system and made it more efficient. His contribution to case law is admirable and his decisions are cited by all Canadian courts.

In conjunction with his judicial career, the Honourable Michel Proulx dedicated 22 years to teaching criminal law at McGill University's Faculty of Law. He has also given many conferences and authored several articles on penal law.

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