If I cannot file a civil proceeding, will I forfeit my rights?

Please note that the legal time limits within which civil proceedings must be filed are suspended until further notice. Therefore, you will not forfeit your rights.

A notice will be issued in advance to inform the public when the deadlines will come back into force.

Where can I get legal advice with respect to the exceptional measures that have been put in place?

Citizens who have questions of a legal nature can consult online resources available on the website of the Ministère de la Justice or Éducaloi.

The Community Justice Centers can also be consulted for free information, support and referral services.
To reach a lawyer, it is possible to contact legal aid offices, childcare services in criminal matters or the directory of lawyers of the Barreau du Québec.

For free assistance services for victims, their relatives and witnesses to a crime, the Crime Victims Assistance Centres (CAVAC) can be contacted.

Is it possible to be sworn in remotely?

Yes. We invite you to visit Alex's Blog on the subject (In French).

A document on the subject is available (In French).

You can also consult the Register of Commissioners for Oaths website.

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