I would like to open a voluntary deposit file or make a deposit in my file. Can I do so?

Yes, these services are maintained. However, you will have to make an appointment by calling the client contact centre at 1 866 536-5140.

Do I have to continue paying my voluntary deposit amounts during the public health emergency?

In principle, you are required to respect your obligations and pay the amounts due pursuant to your voluntary deposit undertaking.

You may temporarily make your payment by personal cheque payable to the Minister of Finance. Please write your file number on your cheque and make sure your name and contact information are written legibly on your cheque or on a separate sheet of paper included with your cheque.

The cheque must be mailed to the courthouse where your file was opened. Courthouse addresses can be found on the Ministère de la Justice’s website. 

I received a Notice of Default for failing to make a payment or failing to update my information. What should I do in order not to lose the protection of voluntary deposit?

From September 1, 2020, you will have 30 days to remedy the situation.

I lost my job or have a reduced income. What should I do?

You must report any change in your situation or information within 10 days following the change.

To notify the office of the Court of a change in your situation, please fill out the “Declaration by Voluntary Deposit Debtor (SJ-1086)” form on the Ministère de la Justice’s website. Then mail it to the courthouse where your file was opened.

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