Is remote swearing in possible?

Yes. You can read the French blog post written on this topic by the spokesperson of the Ministère de la Justice du Québec.

We have also prepared the following information document

You can also consult the Register of Commissioners for Oaths website.

Can family mediation be conducted via teleconference, and if so, are original signatures required on the invoicing form?

In the current context, remote mediation is possible and even encouraged. 

Electronic signatures are currently considered sufficient for invoicing purposes. 

If the electronic signature of one or both parties cannot be obtained, we ask that this be mentioned in a note addressed to the family mediation service so that the invoice can be approved on an exceptional basis during the pandemic.

Given the current circumstances, invoices and mediation reports can be sent to the Family Mediation Service via email at: We ask that mediators using this method keep the originals rather than mailing them to us after the email is sent to avoid duplicating the work of our team.

Is it possible to serve pleadings on the AGQ by bailiff?

It is possible to serve pleadings on the AGQ by bailiff. However, service may be made by email, as specifically authorized by Ministerial Order 4251 sin March 23, 2020.

Service on the Attorney General of Québec in civil matters should be made to:

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