Resumption of judicial activities

Since June 1, 2020, Québec courthouses started to gradually resume judicial activities.


If you already have a file in progress or have filed an application during the public health crisis and wish to know its status, please contact the client contact centre at 1-866-536-5140. 

Access to court buildings and courthouses

Courthouses are open. However, we ask that citizens limit their travel to courthouses to what is strictly necessary. 

To access a courthouse, you must wear a mask or a face covering. An exception can be made for people who are under the age of 12 or who have a medical condition preventing them from wearing a mask.

Furthermore, before entering, an employee or security agent will assess your state of health to determine your risk level. You will also be asked about the reason for your visit to ensure that it is valid and to limit the number of people admitted as much as possible.

Every person authorized to enter a courthouse must sanitize their hands using the sanitizer provided. They must follow courthouse directives, such as cough etiquette, hygiene measures and two-metre distance between people, at all times.

In some cases, it is also possible to remotely attend certain hearings in a virtual or semi-virtual courtroom.

Judicial activities that are maintained

All courts in Québec are gradually resuming its activities. Relevant information can be found on their websites:

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