Justice and mental health support program

The justice and mental health support program (Programme d’accompagnement justice et santé mentale) is a program to help offenders receive a reduced sentence or sometimes a non-judicial outcome for their case.

The Program offers a court process that is adapted to the realities facing offenders who also have a mental health problem.


The Program targets rehabilitation, and is designed to stop you re-offending. In this way it also helps protect the public.


  • You must be an adult;
  • You must have a mental health disorder or intellectual deficiency

    • There must be a connection between your mental health problem and the offence with which you are charged;

  • The offence must be a criminal offence;
  • You must be fit to stand trial;
  • You must apply for the Program voluntarily

    • You must demonstrate your willingness to take part in the Program;

  • You must comply with the objectives established in your case.

You can consult a lawyer to find out if you are eligible for the Program.


The Program is mainly coordinated by caseworkers in the court system and the health and social services system.

You will receive support from the caseworkers at regular follow-up sessions, as well as personalized therapy.

If you successfully complete the Program, the charges against you may be withdrawn, or you may receive a sentence adapted to your situation. 

If you fail to complete the Program, your case will follow the normal court process.

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