You and your intended spouse are free to choose the place where your marriage will be solemnized, such as:

  • a church in the city where you grew up, or that is architecturally attractive;
  • a courthouse;
  • a reception room in a hotel;
  • a park or garden.

However, you must ensure that the place:

  • is suitable for a solemn ceremony;
  • has a suitable layout;
  • is covered by your celebrant’s authorization to solemnize marriages.

Places where you may be married by an officiant

The place where you marry may depend on the officiant you have chosen. The following table shows the places where each type of celebrant may solemnize a marriage.

OfficiantPlace where the officiant may solemnize a marriage
  • Court clerk
  • Deputy clerk
  • Courthouse;
  • Hospital or any other health and social services establishment, if one of the intended spouses is living there because of his or her state of health and cannot move;
  • Detention centre or penitentiary if one of the prospective spouses is detained there.
  • Mayor
  • Municipal councilor
  • Municipal officer
  • City hall of the municipality concerned;
  • Any place within the territory of the municipality concerned.
  • Notary
  • Any place agreed on with the officiant
  • Close relative authorized to act as officiant
  • Any place agreed on with the officiant
  • Minister of religion
  • Place of worship

You may also marry outside Québec.

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