Dispensation from publication of a marriage or civil union

In some cases, at the request of the intended spouses and the officiant, the registrar of civil status may grant a dispensation from publication for the marriage or civil union. The dispensation will only be granted for a serious reason, for example if one of the intended spouses

  • is gravely ill;
  • is to be transferred shortly to another country.

Dispensation granted by the officiant

If the life of one of the intended spouses is endangered and the marriage must be solemnized promptly without it being possible to obtain a dispensation from the registrar, the officiant may grant the dispensation.

In such a case, when sending the declaration of marriage to the registrar of civil status, the officiant shall include the dispensation, which must specify the grounds for granting it.

If the intended spouses are already in a civil union and wish to marry, you do not need to post a notice of publication, and are not required to state the reasons for the dispensation.

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