Adoption creates a bond of filiation between a child and his or her adoptive parent or parents, on the basis of a legal document.

Unlike suppletive tutorship, adoption replaces the bond that existed between the child and his or biological parents. In addition, it terminates their rights and obligations towards their child.

Provided certain conditions are met, you can adopt a child

You also have the right to adopt the child of your spouse

Aboriginal customary adoption

Aboriginals have the right to adopt a child in accordance with their custom. This is known as "Aboriginal customary adoption". It breaks the bond of filiation between the child and his or her biological parents, but some of the parents' rights and obligations may subsist, such as the obligation of support.

Aboriginal customary adoption must be attested by a competent Aboriginal authority. Its role is to

  • verify that the child's rights and interest are respected;
  • ensure that the biological parents, the adoptive parents and the adopted child, if old enough to understand, consent to the adoption;
  • issue an Aboriginal customary adoption certificate, which the adoptive parents must give to the registrar of civil status to amend the child's act of birth.
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