Communication agreement

You can authorize certain members of the biological family, such as the parents or grandparents, to maintain or develop a personal relationship with your child following adoption. You can also agree to a few exchanges of information—for example, sending a photograph of your child every year.

For this purpose, you must sign a written communication agreement with the interested family members. Any exchanges, or maintenance or development of personal relationships, must be in the best interests of the child. The child’s consent is required if aged 10 or over, unless unable to express his or her will.

If a child aged 10 to 13 refuses or if the parties fail to reach an agreement, the matter may be taken to court. However, this recourse is limited to the parents or grandparents of origin who are significant to the child.

The wishes of a child aged 14 or over must be respected. Consequently, no agreement is possible if a child aged 14 or over refuses. In addition, the child, as of age 14, can terminate the agreement without further formality, whether or not a court order has been made.

You can sign an agreement at any time. To receive assistance,

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