Family mediation in adoption

A family mediation service is offered free of charge to help a child's adoptive parents and members of the child's biological family negotiate a communication agreement.

The parties can receive up to

  • 5 hours of mediation to conclude a mediation agreement,
  • 2 hours 30 minutes of mediation to revise a communication agreement or settle a dispute concerning the application of an agreement.

The Ministère pays the fees of an accredited family mediator for the hours of mediation provided free of charge under the Regulation respecting family mediation

The mediator’s rate must be exactly $110/hour, the amount prescribed by regulation; if not, it will not be paid by the Ministère. It is not a subsidy.

The following costs are not covered:

  • administrative fees such as file opening fees, long-distance calls and photocopying;
  • any extra hours needed to reach an agreement.
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