We often think of divorce as a long, confrontational process involving a court trial and costly legal fees.

However, an amicable divorce is also possible.

An amicable divorce offers a simpler, more affordable option.

Advantages of an amicable divorce

  • Quick settlement;
  • Lower legal fees;
  • A less confrontational separation, especially if children are involved.

Obtaining an amicable divorce

An amicable divorce can be obtained by filing an application for divorce based on a draft agreement.

Regulation to amend the Regulation of the Superior Court of Québec in family matters

Since October 7, 2021, the parties in a family law case must attest to whether or not they are subject to:

•    A civil protection order under section 509 of the Code of Civil Procedure or a request related to such an order;
•    An order, application, agreement or decision related to youth protection;
•    An order, indictment, undertaking or recognizance related to a criminal matter.

Parties who fall into any of the above situations must file a notice with the court office and, if applicable, attach documentary evidence. The same applies if the situation changes in the course of proceedings.

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