Application for divorce based on a draft agreement

Warning – Document undergoing revision

This document is currently being revised.

This publication can still be used to file an application, but because of the legislative changes, some of the models it contains are no longer valid. In addition, this publication may fail to list some of the documents you need to include with your application.

For this reason, before filling out your application, you should contact the court clerk to check that you have all the information you will need to complete the process.

In addition, before filing your application at the court office, you should check with the court clerk that it contains all the required information and documents.

This document is no longer sold by Les Publications du Québec but can be downloaded free of charge from the Justice website.

An application for divorce based on a draft agreement can reduce some of the delays and legal fees involved in divorce proceedings. A judge certifies the draft agreement, which settles all aspects and consequences of the separation without the need for a trial.

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