Access to Justice Fund

The Access to Justice Fund was established at the Ministère de la Justice on April 5, 2012 under the Act to establish the Access to Justice Fund. This dedicated fund supports actions to enhance the public’s knowledge and understanding of Québec law and Québec’s legal system in order to promote access to justice.


 The Access to Justice Fund is designed to support activities or projects that promote:

  • better knowledge and understanding of the law, courts and tribunals and their procedure, and legal and administrative proceedings;
  • more extensive use of amicable means to prevent and resolve disputes;
  • the drafting and dissemination of legal information in simple and clear language;
  • the creation, distribution and use of legal instruments and referral services;
  • increased access to legal services, including services provided free of charge or at a moderate cost by community organizations;
  • the optimal use of legal services;
  • research on access to the justice system;
  • the improvement of the Québec model of access to justice.


 The income of the Access to Justice Fund comes mainly from:

  • the Canada-Québec agreement on Québec family justice measures;
  • the $8 contribution paid by offenders found guilty of an offence under the laws of Québec.

Funded Activities

  • The Financial assistance program to promote access to justice targets projects and activities that enhance the public’s knowledge and understanding of Québec law and Québec’s legal system and help the public to better navigate the system.
  • The family mediation program, which provides mediator services paid for by the State and free parenting after separation information sessions in 42 courthouses;
  • Reduced-cost services for separated parents provided by the Commission des services juridiques, in particular for the review of a court judgment in family matters or the administrative updating of the amount of a child support payment;
  • The operation of Community Justice Centres, which provide legal information and referral services, as a complement to existing resources.

Office of the Access to Justice Fund

The office of the Access to Justice Fund:

  • promotes coordination and cooperation in the actions taken by government departments and bodies that provide services to enhance access to justice;
  • oversees the design and implementation of projects or activities to improve citizens’ access to justice;
  • supports the establishment and operation or Community Justice Centres by providing technical and professional assistance as required;
  • advises the Minister of Justice on all matters relating to access to justice;
  • performs any other duties assigned to it by the Minister of Justice for the purposes of Division III.0.1 of the Act respecting the Ministère de la Justice.


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