Award ceremony 

Prix de la justice award ceremony 

Québec's Minister of Justice leads the tribute to the Prix de la Justice award winner at the public award ceremony, attended by the press and by representatives of the general public and the legal community. The award winner receives a prestigious distinction: the Prix de la justice medal. 

Prix de la justice medal

Médaille du Prix de la Justice du Québec

The Prix de la justice medal is an original design by Québec-Polish artist Bozena Happach. Each medal is cast in solid silver, and embodies the fundamental values of justice: accessibility, quality and universality.

The values are depicted by various figures: a pregnant woman, a disabled person and a young man (universality), among others, present their problems (accessibility) and look to justice, evoked by a polished surface (quality).

The artist uses the image of the sword of justice, whose hilt and sparking blade symbolize a bridge between citizens and the pure light of justice. 

The medal is 76 millimetres in diameter, and 13 millimetres thick. The reverse is polished and bears the name of the recipient with the year of the award.

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