The Prix and the eligibility

Medal of Québec's Prix de la Justice Award.The Prix de la justice award was established on June 4, 1990 to mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of Québec’s Ministère de la Justice, and to pay tribute to the individuals whose actions help to improve access to justice and the quality of the justice system.

The Prix de la justice award is the highest honorary distinction awarded in the field of law. It recognizes the outstanding career or achievement of a citizen who has made an exceptional contribution to the promotion, within Québec society, of the values of justice that underlie our democracy:

  • accessibility: placing justice within the reach of all Quebecers;
  • quality: ensuring that the justice system is honest, impartial and efficient and serves citizens effectively;
  • àuniversality: the same justice for all. 


The Prix de la justice award is presented to individuals, but not to groups. It cannot be presented twice to the same person.

To be eligible for the Prix de la justice award, candidates:

  • must have made or be making an outstanding contribution to the implementation and promotion of the fundamental values of the justice;
  • must have pursued the activities detailed in the nomination form in Québec. 
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