AGreat Seals the Attorney General of Québec, the Minister of Justice has custody of the Great Seal and draws up and authorizes all documents issued under the Great Seal, the highest mark of authority of the Québec state. All the most solemn documents bear the Great Seal, which is found on proclamations convening the National Assembly, the original version of the revised statutes, and the documents appointing government ministers, the Deputy Minister of Justice, judges, and Québec delegate generals serving in offices abroad.

Last, the Attorney General issues and countersigns letters patent, commissions and other documents under the Great Seal, except documents that must be countersigned by the Secretary General of the National Assembly.

Letters patent for land

Some Québec government departments and bodies grants rights on public land, mainly covering the use of natural resources (for example, for farming, forestry, fishing or mining purposes). The rights are granted in the form of letters patent for land.

The Minister of Justice, as Attorney General and Registrar of Québec, is responsible for issuing the letters patent and registering them under the great seal.

To record the rights granted, the Minister keeps the Register of Letters Patent for Land

Using the Web pages for this public register, users can:

  • view an image of all letters patent for land issued since January 1, 2009;
  • request a certified copy of any letters patent for land issued since 1788.

Official registration

To officially register all documents issued under the Great Seal (letters patent other than letters patent for land, proclamations, commissions other than commissions for commissioners for oaths), please contact the judicial support services division of the Ministère de la Justice at 418 644-7700.

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