To ensure the proper conduct of various activities under its responsibility, the Ministère is required to keep registers and provide public access.

Register of commissioners for oaths
The Register of Commissioners for Oaths is a public register listing the names of all the people authorized to administer oaths in Québec.

Register of personal and movable real rights
The register of personal and movable real rights is a computerized public register listing personal rights and real rights in movable property.

Register of letters patent for land
The register of letters patent for land is a public register recording all letters patent issued since 1795, mainly for the extraction of natural resources on public land. 

Lobbyists registry
The lobbyists registry is a public register containing information (name and business name and address, clients, subject-matter of lobbying activities, etc.) on every lobbyist in Québec. 

Sales Register
The sales register is a public register in which notices of sales of movable and immovable property under judicial authority are published. The property sold may have been seized or hypothecated. 

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