Voluntary deposit - Inactive files (Articles 664 to 670, Code of Civil Procedure)

This notice concerns any person currently registered for voluntary deposit whose file has been inactive for the last twelve (12) months and who has provided an address that is now out of date.

Please note that, since January 1, 2016, you have been subject to the new legislative provisions concerning voluntary deposit (articles 664 and following, Code of Civil Procedure). The new provisions require you to file a declaration, which is deemed sworn, in which you undertake

  • to make regular payments, which cannot be less than the seizable portion of your income;
  • to inform the court office of any change in the information contained in your declaration within 10 days after the change occurs (this includes your current address);
  • to update your information yearly. If you intend to continue to take advantage of the benefits of voluntary deposit, you have 30 days from the date of notification of this public notice to file a declaration using the form "Declaration by Voluntary Deposit Debtor" (SJ-1086A).

IF YOU FAIL TO FILE THE DECLARATION within the required time you will lose the benefit of voluntary deposit and your file will be closed.

Please govern yourself accordingly,

March 26, 2016

Court Clerk 

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