Statement on Restitution (SJ-1021B) - Additional information

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The victim of an offence or any other person may make a request for restitution in the following circumstances:

  • the offence was committed after July 22, 2015; 
  • the offence caused loss or damage; 
  • the value of the loss or damage can be readily ascertained. 

For example, if the offender broke down a door while committing an offence, it is possible to claim an amount corresponding to the total cost of repairing the door, if that amount can be readily ascertained, on presentation of supporting documents. 

To make a request for restitution, the applicant must complete the form Statement on Restitution (SJ-1021B) and include a copy of all the required supporting documents. 

The victim of an offence can not make a request for restitution in proceedings against a young persons under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA).

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