Victim Impact Statement (SJ-753B)

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Victim Impact Statement (SJ-753B)This form must be used by the victim of an offence to describe, in writing, the physical or emotional harm, property damage, economic loss or other impacts caused by the offence.

For more information on the Victim Impact Statement.

Version: July 2015

Type of File:Dynamic PDF

Minimum required version of Adobe Reader: 7

More information

Only forms with a duly completed File identification section will be processed. 

Contact the police force (in French) responsible for investigating the offence for more details concerning the information required in the File identification section.

Contact the Ministère or a victim of crime assistance centre (CAVAC) if you have any other questions concerning the form.

Send the form to the clerk’s office at the Court of Québec, Criminal and Penal Division, in the judicial district where judicial proceedings were instituted against the accused or at the Youth Division if the proceedings are against a young person under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). 

A printed version of the form may be obtained from a victim of crime assistance centre (CAVAC).  

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