Victim Impact Statement (SJ-753B) - Additionnal information

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The Victim Impact Statement allows the victim of an offence to describe, in his or her own words, the impact of an offence.

The victim may describe, in writing, the physical or emotional harm, property damage, economic loss or other impacts caused by the offence. 

The harm, damage, loss or other impacts reported may be:

  • Emotional harm: trauma, insomnia, fear, anxiety, etc.; 
  • Physical harm: bruising, injury, health impacts, etc.; 
  • Economic loss: lost wages, cost of additional security measures, replacement, repair or cleaning of property, etc.; 
  • Safety fears: concerns about contact with the offender or between family members and the offender, etc. 

The victim must complete the form Victim Impact Statement (SJ-753B).

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