Couple and family - Leaflets and brochures

Marriage and civil union

Marriage and civil union


Marriage and civil unionAre you planning to get married or to form a civil union?

This leaflet summarizes all the information you will need to make your decision, and specifies the conditions and effects of each option.



OfficiantsHave you been asked by a close family member to officiate at their marriage or civil union?

This leaflet will help you understand your role and duties.

Family patrimony


Family patrimonyIf you are married or in a civil union, you have a family patrimony. Do you know what a family patrimony is, and what property it contains?

This leaflet explains the notion of family patrimony and specifies what will happen to it if you decide to separate.

De facto union

De facto spouses


De facto spousesIf you are living in a de facto union with your partner, do you know what its effects are?

This leaflet explains your rights and duties.




FiliationVarious rights and duties are associated with being a parent, whatever your link to your child. How can you prove that you are a child’s father or mother?

This leaflet explains the notion of filiation: types of filiation, proof, and related responsibilities.

Separation and divorce

Separation, divorce and dissolution of a civil union

Separation, divorce and dissolution of a civil unionIf you wish to end your relationship, this leaflet provides all the necessary information about separation. In particular, it explains how to apply for a divorce or the dissolution of a civil union.

The Québec model for the determination of child support payments

Do you want to request a support payment for your children? This guide will help you calculate the amount of support to which you are entitled.

Application for exemption under section 3 of the Act to facilitate the payment of support

Would you prefer to make support payments directly to your ex-spouse? This guide will help you prepare a joint application for exemption.

Family mediation


Family mediationDid you have children with your ex-spouse? If you wish, you and your ex-spouse can attend family mediation sessions. This would help you, for example, resolve your differences concerning the question of child custody and support payments.

Mental health

Justice, mental disorder and assessment of danger

Justice, mental disorder and assesment of dangerDo you know what to do if a close relative has a mental disorder, such as suicidal thoughts or signs of schizophrenia?

This leaflet gives you the information you will need to take action.

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