Judicial system - Leaflets and brochures

Judicial process

The judicial process in criminal cases


What happens after you are charged with an offence? This leaflet explains all the steps in the process leading up to trial and sentencing.

Diagram showing the steps in the judicial process


This diagram illustrates and explains the judicial process for youth offenders.


The judicial system


The court systemWhich courts make up Québec’s judicial system? This leaflet presents them all.

Use of social media in courthouses

Guide d'utilisation des médias sociaux dans les palais de justicePeople whose presence is required in a courthouse should read the instructions and advice in the guide.

Players in the court system



Jury dutyHave you been called to perform jury service at a trial? Have you been selected as a jury member?

This leaflet explains your role as a juror and provides information on topics such as exemption from jury service and indemnities.

Witnesses - Your role in court

Criminal Division and Youth Division


Your role in courtHave you been called to testify in court as a witness or victim?

This leaflet explains your role as a witness. It also explains what you should do when you arrive at the courthouse.

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