"La justice à votre portée" Series

The Ministère de la Justice, in collaboration with Les Publications du Québec, has published a series of brochures under the title "La justice à votre portée". 

The brochures contain all the information and forms needed to take action in compliance with the relevant provisions of the law.

By offering these titles, the Ministère de la Justice seeks to offer Quebecers who are able to ascertain the impact of their decisions concerning these topics an inexpensive means of preparing the legal documents that will enable them to resolve uncomplicated legal situations.

The brochures are available free of charge as electronic documents. 

Some of them are also sold in paper format and can be ordered from:

Warning – Documents undergoing revision

With the exception of My protection mandate, all the documents in this collection are currently being revised.

The documents can still be used to file an application, but because of the legislative changes, some of the models they contain are no longer valid. In addition, the publications may fail to list some of the documents you need to include with your application.

For this reason, before filling out your application, you should contact the court clerk to check that you have all the information you will need to complete the process.

In addition, before filing your application at the court office, you should check with the court clerk that it contains all the required information and documents.

The documents are no longer sold by Les Publications du Québec but can be downloaded free of charge from the Justice website.

Titles in this series

Pucations My Will

The will

Have you made a will? In a will, you can make decisions about the distribution of your property, the custody of your children and the continuation of your business, among other topics. This guide helps you draft your will by providing all the necessary information.



Publication Application for the Probate of a Will

Application for the probate of a will

If a close relative has just died and you are in possession of the will, you must submit it to the court to ensure that it is valid. 

This guide explains how to apply for probate of a will.


Publication Cohabitation Contract

Cohabitation Contract

If you are living in a de facto union with another person, you can take various steps to protect your rights. One option is to sign a cohabitation contract. This guide helps you draft a contract with your de facto spouse.


Publication Joint Application for Review of accessory measures

Joint application for review of accessory measures

If your situation changed since your divorce or the dissolution of your civil union and if your ex-spouse agrees, you can file a joint application to change the amount of your support payments or your custody arrangements, or other accessory measures specified in your court judgment.

This guide explains how to file your application.


Publication Joint Application for the Determination of Custody, Access and Chil Support

Joint Application for the Determination of Custody Access and Child Support


If you separated from your de facto spouse and you have had children together, you must plan how you will share custody and which spouse will have to make support payments to the other, among other decisions.

This guide explains how to file your application.


Publication Joint Application for Divorce on a Draft Agreement

Joint Application for Divorce on Draft Agreement

If you and your ex-spouse are in a position to divorce amicably, you can draw up a draft agreement in which you settle all aspects of your divorce. You can then file a joint application on the basis of your draft agreement.

This guide explains how to file your application.


Publication My protection mandate

My protection mandate

A protection mandate is a written document in which a person of sound mind, known as the mandator, designates another person, known as the mandatary, to take care of their person or property, or both, if an illness or accident temporarily or permanently deprives the mandator of their faculties.

Note : The brochure was prepared by the Curateur public.


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