Victims - Leaflets and brochures


Victims of crime – Extrajudicial sanctions and criminal proceedings

Youth offenders - Extrajudicial sanctions and criminal proceedingsAre you the victim of a crime committed by a young person? If so, the perpetrator will not be subject to the same judicial process as an adult offender.

This leaflet explains the extrajudicial sanctions that may be applied against a youth offender. It also details your rights, and the role you will play in criminal proceedings and the sanctions process.

Victims of crime – Understanding the court system and sentencing procedure

Understanding the court system and sentencing procedureWould you like to understand more about the steps in the judicial process, from charging to release on parole?

This leaflet sets out all the stages, including the trial, that the accused person will face.

Victims of crime – Rights, remedies and resources

Rights, remedies and resourcesHave you been targeted by a crime? As the victim, you have rights and recourses.

They are presented in this leaflet.

Sexual assault

Terminating a residential lease in the event of spousal violence or sexual aggression

Terminating a lease in the event of spousal violence or sexual aggressionIf you no longer feel safe in a rented dwelling, you are entitled in some cases to terminate your lease.

This leaflet explains the process.

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