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Your disputes - Leaflets and brochures

Small claims

Smal claimsDo you need to settle a dispute with a friend, merchant or client involving an amount of $15,000 or less? If so, you can file an application at the Small Claims Division.

This leaflet explains how.

Civil proceedings


Civil suits

This leaflet explains the stages and costs of a civil proceeding, and the courts that have jurisdiction.





Civil and commercial mediation

Civil and commercial mediationBefore launching civil proceedings, you can use civil and commercial mediation to attempt to find a solution without going to court.

This leaflet explains the advantages of mediation compared to a court trial.

Being a good neighbour


Being a good neighbourDid you know that you have rights and duties as a neighbour, for example concerning noise, boundary lines and access to your neighbour’s land?

This leaflet provides more details.

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