Your money and property - Leaflets and brochures


The leaflet

WillHave you made a will? This leaflet sets out the advantages, and exp0lains how to make a will.


Liquiditor of a succession

Do you know how a succession is settled? This leaflet answers your questions concerning intestate successions, the settlement of a succession, and the renunciation of a succession.



SeizureWhat happens if you fail to pay your debts? The company or person to which the money is owed may decide to seize your property to obtain repayment.

This leaflet explains the types of seizure and the steps in the seizure process, and also how to oppose seizure.

Power of attorney and protective supervision

Power of attorney


Power of attorneyAre you too busy to do everything: pay your bills, sell your car, or rent an apartment? You can authorize somebody else to do this for you, by giving a power of attorney.

This leaflet explains the effect of a power of attorney, and the obligations of the person who gives and the person who receives a power of attorney.

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