Depending on your situation, you can contact various organizations to obtain the services you need.

Find a mediator, notary, lawyer or bailiff

To obtain the contact information of a mediator, notary, lawyer or bailiff, you can use the on-line services of our partners:

To find a family mediator, you can also use the search tool Search for family mediator.

Find assistance

Depending on your situation, various organization may be able to offer assistance. Here are just a few!

Victim of crime

If you are a victim of crime, you can contact:

Sexual assault

If you are a victim of sexual assault, you can:

Impaired driving

If you are the victim in an accident caused by impaired driving or a close relative of a victim, contact MADD Canada.

Parental child abduction 

If your child is abducted by the other parent, you must report the abduction to the police.

You can contact:

You can also report the situation to Réseau Enfants-Retour.


If you are a victim of homophobia or transphobia, contact one of the following organizations:

Domestic violence

If you are a victim of domestic violence, contact:

Settle a dispute

Some organizations provide assistance to help you find a satisfactory solution to a dispute or following an offence. You can find their contact information using the following online services:

Organizations :


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