Request in Québec for the service of documents from abroad

Requests for the service in Québec of judicial or extrajudicial documents under the Hague Convention must be sent to the Central Authority for Québec and contain:

Processing of the request

The Central Authority for Québec forwards both copies of the form to a bailiff who has jurisdiction in the area in Québec where the addressee resides.

The bailiff's return of service and the completed certificate are sent to the forwarding authority together with the second copy of the documents.

Where the address of a recipient is incorrect, the Central Authority for Québec is under no obligation to determine it since the Convention shall not apply where the address of the person to be served is not known.

Affidavit of bailiff

Bailiffs are public officers and, as such, are not required to be sworn. Furthermore, their duties do not include requiring the recipient of a document to provide specific information (such as marital status).

1 A summons and a complaint are one document.



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