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Payment of the CAN$100 fee, payable to the Ministre des Finances du Québec, must accompany a request for service for each recipient to be served (section 10 of the Tariff of fees of court bailiffs).

In other words, for the service of 2 or more documents (regarding different actions) on the same recipient, the fee of 100$ must be multiplied by the number of documents to be served.

No request will be processed unless payment of the bailiff's fees is received. Electronic transfer is not accepted.

Accepted methods of payment:

NEW: Secure payment by credit card: The Central Authority of Québec now offers an secure online credit card payment service for requests of service received under the Hague Convention.

Access the secure online payment tool

Other accepted methods of payment:

  • cash;
  • cheque in $US coming from the United-States only;
  • international funds transfer (La Banque Postale).

No costs are charged to forwarding authorities for the for the transmission of the documents by the Xpresspost service of Canada Post.

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