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Request for service abroad of documents from Québec

A request made abroad must respect the rules set forth by the Code of civil procedure.

Only the following, or their representatives, may request service or notification abroad of judicial or extrajudicial documents under the Hague Convention:

  • the Attorney General of Canada
  • the Attorney General, the Ministry of the Attorney General or the Minister of Justice of a province or territory
  • court clerks and deputy court clerks for a judicial or court district
  • members of the bar of a province or territory
  • members of the Chambre des notaires du Québec (for non-litigious matters only)
  • registrars
  • bailiffs and sheriffs
  • Revenu Québec.

For information on the operation of the 1965 Hague Convention in a particular State and the requirements for service or notification of judicial or extrajudicial documents in that State, you must communicate directly with its Central Authority.

Contact information for the Central Authority can be found on the Hague Conference website.

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