Family law is the field of law that governs legal relationships within families, and between families and other people. In particular, it sets out the rules governing marriage, adoption, support payments and parental authority.

In 2015, the Advisory committee on family law set up by the Québec government determined that the law as it currently stands, which focuses on a family model based on marriage, is no longer adapted to new and increasingly frequent family realities (families headed by de facto spouses, single-parent families, families headed by members of the LGBTQ community, blended families, etc.)

The consultation focuses on three areas of family law:

  • Conjugal relationships, and more specifically the rights and obligations of married and de facto spouses during and after their relationship;
  • Parenthood, and more specifically the rights and obligations of spouses when they have a child together;
  • Relationships with a step-parent, and more specifically the relationship with a person who is significant for a child.


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