Courts and Tribunals of Québec

Municipal courts

There are municipal courts located throughout Québec. They have limited jurisdiction in civil matters, exercised mostly in connection with municipal tax claims.

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Court of Québec

The Court of Québec is a court of first instance with jurisdiction in civil, criminal and penal matters as well as in matters relating to young persons, such as adoption, youth protection and emancipation cases. It also hears administrative matters and appeals, where provided for by law.

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Superior Court

The Superior Court has jurisdiction throughout Québec and sits in all judicial districts.

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Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal is the general appeal court for Québec and as such is the province's highest court.

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Human Rights Tribunal

In conformity with the Charter, they hear cases concerning discrimination, harassment, exploitation of elderly or handicapped persons and affirmative action programs.

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Professions Tribunal

The Tribunal is an appeals Tribunal specializing in cases relating to the professions. It hears appeals from disciplinary decisions and from certain administrative decisions. 

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Administrative Tribunal of Québec

The Administrative Tribunal of Québec is a tribunal of last instance, meaning that its decisions cannot be appealed to another court.

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