Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal is the general appeal court for Québec and as such is the province's highest court.

In civil matters, the Court of Appeal hears:

  • appeals from judgments of the Superior Court or the Court of Québec that terminate a proceeding, where the value of the subject matter of the dispute in appeal is $60,000 or more;
  • appeals from certain other judgments, including those that pertain to personal integrity, status or capacity;
  • appeals concerning the special rights of the State or contempt of court;
  • appeals from all other judgments of the Superior Court or the Court of Québec, with leave from a judge of the Court of Appeal.

In criminal and penal matters, the Court of Appeal hears appeals from verdicts of guilt or acquittal and sentences imposed under the Criminal Code or the Code of Penal Procedure.

The Court of Appeal sits at Québec and Montréal.

Law Courts of Justice Act
Number of judges 20
Jurisdiction Jurisdiction in civil, criminal and penal matters
Hearing locations Montréal and Québec
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