Court of Québec

The Court of Québec is a court of first instance with jurisdiction in civil, criminal and penal matters as well as in matters relating to young persons, such as adoption, youth protection and emancipation cases.

It also hears administrative matters and appeals, where provided for by law.

The Court of Québec hears applications where the amount claimed or the value of the subject matter of the dispute is less than $85,000. It has exclusive jurisdiction for such cases, meaning that it is the only court that can hear and decide them.

The Court of Québec also has exclusive jurisdiction in:

  • adoption cases;
  • applications concerning a person's confinement in a health or social services institution for or after a psychiatric assessment.

The Court of Québec has three divisions:

  • the Civil Division, which includes the Small Claims Division;
  • the Criminal and Penal Division;
  • the Youth Division.
Law Courts of Justice Act
Number of judges  306
Number of Presiding justice of the peace 39
Jurisdiction Jurisdiction in civil, criminal, penal and youth matters
  • Chief Judges:
    • Lucie Rondeau, Chief Judge
    • Scott Hughes, Senior Associate Chief Judge
  • Associate Chief Judge:
    • Claudie Bélanger, Associate Chief Judge responsible for Municipal Courts 
    • Robert Proulx, Associate Chief Judge for Youth Division
    • Martine L. Tremblay, Associate Chief Judge for Civil Division
    • Chantale Pelletier, Associate Chief Judge for Criminal and Penal Division  
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