Players in the court system


You can rely on a lawyer to help you with most legal processes: founding a business, getting married, getting divorced or writing a will.

In addition, you can ask your lawyer for advice at any time, whether to avoid a dispute or to prepare your case as the plaintiff or defendant in a trial. You can also ask your lawyer to represent you at your trial. 

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Commissioner for oaths

In some legal processes you will be required to make an oath before a commissioner for oaths to make a document official, or to increase the credibility of your testimony. 

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Court clerk

The clerk is the court officer responsible for a court’s administrative services. The clerk's role is to provide a link between you, as a member of the public, and the various court officials, such as the judge or special clerk.

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If you have been charged with a criminal offence, your case may be heard by a judge and jury. 

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If you are the plaintiff or defendant in a court case, you will probably need witnesses to support your case.

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Expert witness

The role of the expert witness is to help the court gain a better understanding of the facts by providing expert knowledge about certain elements.

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A bailiff is an officer of justice responsible for serving judicial or extrajudicial documents and enforcing judgments.

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