Attending a virtual hearing

Virtual courtrooms make it possible for certain matters to be heard by a judge without requiring the parties to be present at the courthouse. Some hearings can also be held in semi-virtual courtrooms, meaning that some people authorized by the court are present in the physical courtroom while others attend remotely.

Virtual or semi-virtual hearings can be accessed through the WebRTC platform with a computer, tablet or smartphone. This platform requires an Internet connection. It is also possible to attend these hearings by telephone.

Rolls for virtual or semi-virtual hearings will be posted on the website of the courts of Québec at To attend a virtual or semi-virtual hearing, interested persons should email their request to specifying the file number, the date of the hearing and the number of the coutroom.

Journalists wishing to attend a closed hearing must mention that they are journalists in their request and include their professional contact information. Notaries, lawyers and trainees in law must provide information enabling their quality to be verified, namely their surname, first name and professional address declared to the Bar or to the Chambre des notaires du Québec, as the case may be. Parties involved in a matter should not submit a request to attend a virtual hearing. They will be sent access codes and connection instructions directly by the court office.


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