Notice of judicial selection - Candidates for the office of judge at the Court of Québec - CQ-2020-135


Notice of judicial selection - Candidates for the office of judge at the Court of Québec - CQ-2020-135

Pursuant to section 7 of the Regulation respecting the selection procedure of candidates for the office of judge of the Court of Québec, municipal court judge and presiding justice of the peace (chapter T-16, r. 4.1), the Minister of Justice invites interested persons to submit their applications for the following positions:

CQ-2020-135: Two positions as a judge sitting in the Civil Division, with residence in Montréal or the immediate vicinity. The persons selected will be required to sit in the judicial district of Montréal. Fluency in English is required.


This notice is addressed to persons on the Roll of the Order of Advocates who have practised their profession for at least 10 years. Applications for a position as a judge and all attached documents will be held in strict confidence.


Candidates must apply in writing by sending to the secretariat only the application form shown in Schedule A of the Regulation, duly completed, a recent photograph, and proof of entry on the Roll of the Order of Advocates (a photocopy of the card showing membership of the Barreau du Québec is accepted). Six copies of all documents must be provided. Any other documents will be excluded from the applications.

For more information, contact Mtre. Sonia Beaudoin, Secretary for the selection of candidates for judicial office, phone 418 646-1320.

Candidates must undertake specifically to keep their application confidential and not to exert directly or indirectly any influence or pressure in order to obtain an appointment to judicial office.

The selection committee is composed of five members appointed by the Minister, namely the associate chief judge of the Court of Québec who is responsible for municipal courts or a judge designated by the associate chief judge from among municipal court judges, who acts as chair of the committee, two persons designated by the Barreau du Québec and two persons who are not judges or members of the Barreau du Québec or the Chambre des notaires du Québec, designated by the Office des professions du Québec. 


To assess the application of a candidate, the committee considers the candidate’s competencies, including personal and intellectual qualities, integrity, knowledge and general experience, extent of knowledge of the law and experience in the areas of law in which the judicial duties will be performed, and capacity for judgment, insight, level-headedness, ability to set priorities and to render a decision within a reasonable time, and quality of expression, the candidate’s conception of the judicial office, the candidate’s motivation for the judicial office, the candidate’s human, professional, social and community experience, the candidate’s level of awareness with respect to social realities and recognition by the legal community of the candidate’s qualities and competencies.

DEADLINE: Applications must be sent by April 30, 2020 to the following address:

Mtre. Sonia Beaudoin

Secrétariat à la sélection des candidats à la fonction de juge
Ministère de la Justice
1200, route de l'Église, 9étage
Québec (Québec) G1V4M1

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