Policy on privacy


The Ministère de la Justice website does not place cookies in visitors’ hard drives. Furthermore, no personal information is gathered except with the prior consent of the visitor to the site

The information automatically transmitted between computers does not enable personal identification. The information is gathered only for technological requirements for Internet navigation and is used to compile statistics.

Information transmitted automatically

As soon as you access the site www.justice.gouv.qc.ca, there is an automatic exchange of information between your computer and the server of the Department. This information does not identify you personally.

The following information is exchanged:

  1. the Internet domain name (for example, “xcompany.com” if you are using a private Internet access account, or “university.edu” if you access the Internet via a university) and your IP address (an IP address is a number which is automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet provider every time you use the Internet) which is used to access our site;
  2. the type of browser and platform used to access our site;
  3. the date and time you accessed our site;
  4. the pages you visited;
  5. the address of the site which referred you to www.justice.gouv.qc.ca if you have accessed it this way. 

The government collects this information to keep track of the number of visitors, the most popular pages, the technology used by visitors, the referring sites and the country of origin of visitors.

If you provide personal information

If you decide to give personal information in your electronic correspondence, note that only the information required to respond to your message will be used.

Personal information is given to another governmental organization only in the event that your request is addressed to that organization, or its disclosure is required by law. The information is not used to draw up user profiles and is not sent to private organizations.

Internal policy concerning electronic communications

As part of the internal policy concerning the use of email and Internet services, the Ministère de la Justice reserves the right to monitor messages addressed to employees of the Ministère in order to ensure systems integrity and the protection of confidential information.

Links to other sites

Our main page provides links to the sites of Québec government departments and bodies, and private organisations. These links are identified by the icon: . Once you leave the Ministère de la Justice site, the information exchanged is no longer subject to the confidentiality policy of the Ministère de la Justice.

For more information 

Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information
Website of the Commission d’accès à l’information (confidentiality policy)
Website of Government of Canada (privacy protection)

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